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S64 mPT #1: Over the Glass

Funny story; in his last regular season game with the Timber, former player Jay Cue wanted to do something memorable for a fan. Instead of a puck or a stick, he took off his skate and tossed it over the glass. To nobody's surprise, the gesture is now prohibited throughout the league.

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Next time I get one of the stars I am going to give the kids the jersey off my back. I know when I was a kid that would’ve been the coolest thing ever

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After blocking a shot that Pasta was particularly proud of, he gazes over at his bench and spots a criminal gazing back at him with his cold dead eyes. Pasta tosses Makrus the tater @taterswc into the stands and tells the gleeful 5 year old who caught him that there's a reward in it for her if she brings him over to the german embassy

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Ryosuke Sato and only Ryosuke Sato has begun chucking his McDonald's Happy Meal toys into the stands. Sato loves a good Happy Meal but doesn't always like the toys so to avoid the awkwardness of going back and exchanging it, might as well chuck it to a fan.

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As my signature so clearly demonstrates, Jay Sink loves his fans. Though known for throwing gift cards into the crowd, Jay Sink could certainly enrich his fans' lives in other ways. Perhaps Jay could throw his game-worn skates, or his stick into the crowd. Jay Sink's lawyers stress that Jay is not liable for any injuries caused as a result of gifting his fans items during or after games.

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this season i think instead of tossing pucks and sticks into the stands the atlanta inferno will be throwing skate blades over the glass instead so that the kids can keep them for when they grow up and use them as razors for their faces and or legs and or chests

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Lind wants to throw over small bull plushies that represent the team logo and mascot. The bull would not be too large, more the size you could hold them in your hand, but will be a good way to get the team in the word of mouth of the residents of the city.

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Quote:Your task: Come up with an exciting new item that your player can toss over the glass to a kid at the end of the game! What do kids like these days? Fidget spinners? Still? I don't know! You tell me! Have fun with it!
25 words minimum!

The item I came up with is a ticket, redeemable online, to Adam Barron's new workout regime on Youtube. It features tire pulling, chinups, pullups, line dancing, surfing, and a copious amounts of stretching. Also, youtube fitness is something the guy's looking into long term once his career is over so what better way to drive traffic to his new endeavor than to take advantage of his current success on the ice?

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The best thing for kids to throw over the glass is probably illegal. I'd suggest hand grenades. Half real, half fake. Might as well get some chaos going.

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Atlanta Infernos Pavel Jeziak throws cans of beers to fans after he gets a star of the game, first star he sends out some fancy craft beers that he doesnt drink himself, 2nd star he hands out Czech Lagers and 3rd star he just yeets a case of bud light to the crowd.

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Aksel Fiske decided to go out on a limb after hearing GMs wanted something fun and new from stars at the end of the game. He threw poutine. He was asked by the cleaning staff not to do that again.

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gay heghog

ok so hear me out here, so toronto is known for many of their skyscrapers, so i'm thinking to give snow globe to throw out to fans, but watch out it's fragile (evil laugh)

With a name like Calvin Hobbes, there's only one item you can create! A new toy tiger that has a built in speaker that says random words of encouragement or cheering for Seattle

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Igor, a few seasons ago, got a big deal to produce a line of jock straps with his familiar name and face on it. Well, the straps are hanging on there, but the cups themselves are failing. So Igor wants to start throwing hard cups into the stands to replace the ones that originally came. Management is still up in the air on this one.

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Throw out little lottery tickets with a random prize assigned to them. You have no idea what you will get until you hand it in. Could be anything from a car to a free meal at your next game.

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